Saturday, November 13, 2010

Luppp revived: reSampler


I've just spent a lil while getting Luppp into a launchpad repo, and hacking the code a little in a small sub-project called reSampler.

Its gonna a mini JACK app that will scramble a .wav loop D'n'B style :-)
Hopefully Ill figure out how I actually want to control this little re-sampling program.

At the moment, I'm just concidering just a simple copy of say the 3rd part of an 8 part loop to the 5th part. An OSC interface in this case will be:

/resampler/load "sample.wav"
/resampler/setNumParts 8
/resampler/swap 3 5
/resampler/swaprev 3 5

swap just swaps the parts, swaprev, swaps & reverses the direction of the part.

I have a GTK widget that can draw files but it needs some optimization... It takes about 3 secs for a normal length loop atm.

More info on the way once I've got stuff implemented.
Cheers, -Harry

Clean drum looop

Same drum loop with reverb effect:

OSC interface has been implemented, can now swap parts around, reverse parts of the clip and revert to the original loop using ONLY OSC COMMANDS! :-)